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Anna Story, Life Coach

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I’m Anna Story – Expert Life Coach

Born and raised in the midwest, Anna approaches life with a grounded, heart centered perspective. As a Life Coach, wife and mother, she recognizes the importance of emotional health. She enjoys running, cycling and prioritizes a healthy lifestyle. She and her husband, Dave, have 5 beautiful children, including identical twin girls. Her children inspire her to fully embrace the journey of life, no matter what it brings. She believes that doing our work within is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and our families. After working with a Life Coach, Anna was inspired to become a coach herself. She serves her clients by living as an example of whats possible when we prioritize our emotional health.

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Why Hire A Life Coach?

It’s simple. Because you deserve to live a life that you love. We live in a world where we can turn to endless external pleasures to make us feel better. Life coaching allows you to take your power back in your own life. By getting to know ourselves from within, we learn about WHY we have the life we currently have. You learn to break away from external influences that you rely on to feel better. Through connection and conversation, Anna will safely guide as we explore the inner workings of your mind, body and soul. We determine whats going on for you now, so we can work towards where you want to be. Anna will teach you real tools and strategies to keep you moving forward. She will be there to guide you for anything that comes up on your journey. You are capable and worthy of creating the life you desire.

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A Note From Anna

Hey there friend. I see you and I want to tell you: You matter. And what you want matters.
You might be feeling stuck, sad, anxious, or stressed. You might be waiting for something outside of you to change so you can feel better. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can feel better now, today. You don’t have to wait until your kids are older, you are 50 pounds lighter, or have the perfect partner.
What if I told you that where you are right now is exactly where you should be? Nothing has gone wrong and the good news is, you get to choose what the rest of your life looks like.  I would be honored to guide you on this crazy, beautiful journey of life. There is so much out there for you, I can’t wait for you to discover it.

Anna Story